Aaron Lieberman raises a monumental $127,000 in 30 days for State House campaign

Phoenix – Arizona LD 28 State House candidate, Aaron Lieberman, will be reporting $127,000 in campaign contributions from over 180 different donors for the month of June. He began his campaign in mid May, right before signatures were due, and Lieberman started formal fundraising June 1st. Momentum is building in the district for this first-time legislative candidate.

“Arizona needs pragmatic problem solvers in the legislature who are willing to work together to get things done,” said Lieberman. “My early success in fundraising speaks to the power of that message. I am an educator and an entrepreneur. I want the state I grew up in to help all Arizonans succeed by making common-sense investments in things like great public schools and environmental policy that will help preserve this great state for future generations.”

Lieberman has also been knocking doors throughout the district. “I am extremely proud that the first check I received from a supporter was a $25 donation from a Republican who I met at her door. She told me she’s sick of the partisan bickering. I am too.”