• I grew up in Phoenix and chose to raise my family here as well.
  • My two sons both attend public schools.
  • I am a former Head Start teacher who founded Jumpstart and Acelero Learning.

My work has directly impacted hundreds of thousands of low-income preschoolers and their families. I look forward to bringing that same can-do spirit to the Arizona State House of Representatives.

What I believe

  • Arizona needs more proactive problem-solvers in the legislature—not more of the same partisan politics.
  • Democrats and Republicans need to work together to find real solutions to the problems that face our state.

What I'll Do

Promote policy solutions that invest in people AND save the state money in the long run, such as:

  • Ensure strong support for public education, Pre-K through post secondary.
  • Diversify our economy and bring more high-wage jobs to Arizona.
  • Promote renewable energy sources and protect our state’s natural resources.
  • Find solutions to ensure access to affordable healthcare