Lieberman Denounces Petsas Attack Mailer

PHOENIX, AZ. “I am so disappointed to see that Kathy Petsas and her campaign have stooped so low as to send out a mailer with false claims about me and my work,” said Aaron Lieberman, who is running for the State House of Representatives in Legislative District 28.

“While I am happy to point out policy differences between Kathy Petsas and me — for example she has called school vouchers that drain millions from our public schools ‘a good value’ — I will never allow my campaign to send out personal, unsubstantiated attacks,” said Lieberman. “This is exactly why people are so put off by politics as usual right now.”

Petsas’s mailer incorrectly claimed Lieberman “had made millions” off of Head Start contracts serving low-income preschoolers in Head Start programs. In fact, unlike charter schools in the State of Arizona which the current leaders in the State House have gone out of their way to make sure they face almost no financial oversight, federal Head Start programs are closely monitored by the federal government on a regular basis and must complete and file annual federal A133 audits completed by third-party, independent auditors.

“All Head Start providers are prohibited from making a profit on Head Start, and the salaries of top administrators are limited by an HHS wide-compensation cap,” said Lieberman. “Acelero Learning has never distributed one penny of profits to its founders, and my compensation for work on behalf of the Company’s Head Start program was always subject to the federal compensation cap.”

Lieberman continued: “I am proud that during my time as CEO, Acelero Learning sailed through every single federal monitoring review without a single finding of non-compliance of any kind, has had zero disallowed costs, and always had clean federal audits.” said Lieberman. “In fact, the federal government identified Acelero Learning as a “high-performing Head Start grantee” and has awarded Acelero Learning tens of millions of dollars of new Head Start contracts based on the company’s record,” concluded Lieberman.

“I am most proud of Acelero Learning’s track record of success in terms of the impact we have helping tens of thousands of preschoolers we serve enter kindergarten prepared to succeed,” said Lieberman. Independent research has verified that children enrolled in Acelero Learning programs make gains at almost three times the national average. “I will put my track record of working side by side with low-income parents to create real change for children and families next to anyone’s in terms of results,” concluded Lieberman.

“We need to elect problem solvers down to the State House — not politicians who will stoop to spreading false personal attacks,” said Lieberman. “Kathy Petsas political positions are wrong for District 28 — we can and should have a spirited debate about how vouchers drain money from our public schools and why women’s health care choices should be between her and her doctor,” said Lieberman. “But ultimately we need to elect leaders who will go down to the State House and stop fight each other and start fighting for us. That’s exactly why I am running.”