Now It’s Your Turn

I entered this race because I want a better future for Arizona–the state where I grew up. Over these last couple of months I’ve knocked over 5000 doors and visited every single precinct in LD28. I’ve learned so much about the voters of LD28. The thing that stuck out among everyone I talked to is that they are sick of partisan politics and are ready to elect leaders who are willing to work together to make this state better.

Back in July, I knocked the door of a woman who picked herself up after working for 20 years in fast-food and put herself through school. She got a teaching degree at Arizona State University, but her job only pays her $35,000 a year. She will likely never pay off her total student debt over her entire career. I have met so many people like this who have worked hard and played by the rules but find themselves on the short end of the stick because of bad decisions that have been made down at the State House over the last 10 years.

But change is coming to this district and this state. People are excited to hear about a different vision for Arizona–one that prioritizes high quality public education, affordable higher education options, and accessible healthcare.

We can do this. We can make our state better. But we need YOU to make it happen. Now it’s your turn.