Positive Momentum Continues to Build toward Election Day

Aaron Lieberman’s campaign for the LD28 State House continues to build positive momentum. A record number of ballots were cast in the August Primary. Aaron has now knocked 1500 doors throughout the District.

“The number one message I hear from votes is that they are tired of the extreme partisans and the fighting, they want to elect leaders who will go to the capital to get things done for the people of Arizona,” said Lieberman. “My entire career has been spent solving problems for the greater good, and that is the attitude I want to bring to the State House.”

Lieberman’s campaign released a short video on September 5, 2018 – which has already been viewed over 30,000 times on Facebook and You Tube. “The message of the video is it is time to get back to Democrats and Republicans working together for the greater good of all Arizonans,” said Lieberman. “That is why I am running and why this race is so important.”

Lieberman’s campaign has now been endorsed by a broad group of different stakeholders, including Stand for Children, the Arizona Education Association, AFSCME, Flippable, and others. “I am pleased to have such strong support from groups across the political spectrum,” said Lieberman. “It speaks to the desire for some common-sense problem solvers.”September 12, 2018