Program leveraging ASU’s expertise to help Arizona teachers

From the Paradise Valley Independent

By Aaron Lieberman

One of the surprising things that I’ve learned while serving in the legislature over the last two years is that sometimes the most important actions we can take have nothing to do with a vote on the floor of the State House.

About a month ago, I started to work with senior staff at the Arizona Department of Education and senior leaders at ASU Prep Digital to see if there was some way that ASU could provide Arizona teachers with the professional development they need to engage their students in high-quality distance learning. The nationally recognized ASU Digital Education team has worked with hundreds of teachers throughout the state and across the country to help improve distance learning.

My goal was simple: Was there any way we could leverage ASU’s expertise to make high-quality digital professional development available for every teacher in Arizona who needed it? Senior leaders at ADE and I met with ASU’s senior team, and I even got President Crow involved directly. In part, through his involvement, the team at ASU sharpened their pencils to figure out how to reduce the cost of the training, while making sure their offering could scale to impact teachers throughout Arizona.

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