Every legislative district in Arizona elects TWO representatives to the Arizona State House.  That means every voter can vote for TWO candidates.

Over 100,000 people voted in Legislative Districts 28, but there were only 140,000 votes for the candidates for the State House of Representatives.  If every voter used BOTH of their votes for State House, there should have been over 200,000 State House votes.  That means 35,000 people skipped over the State House races altogether --- or 70,000 people only voted for ONE PERSON.


And just 2000 votes decided who won.  So this year, make sure to use your TWO votes to elect Aaron Lieberman and Kelli Butler to the Arizona State House.

If Aaron Lieberman and Kelli Butler win BOTH House Seats for Legislative District 28, Democrats could have a majority in the State House of Representatives for the first time in a decade.

That means Democrats and Republicans will have to work together FOR Arizona – instead of the special interests.

aaron for arizona