When Aaron was growing up in Arizona, our political leaders demonstrated the basic values of collaboration and respect by working together at the State Capitol.  He ran for office to help restore the civility and be a part of a group of lawmakers who can work together to get things done for the state -- including following the example of two towering political figures who raised their families in LD28, Senator John McCain and Justice Sandra Day O’Connor. 


When Aaron first ran in 2018, he pledged to invite every member of the House Republican Caucus to a one on one meal during his first 90 days in office. Once elected, he did exactly that -- meeting one on one with every member who would sit down with him.  In no small part because of these meetings, the first bill Aaron introduced, HB2321, the John McCain Public Service Scholarship Fund, had six Democrat and six Republican co-sponsors, including the Speaker of the House, and eventually was passed out of the house 48 to 12. 

Getting to know each other as people is a critical first start to find areas of common ground. Click here to read an oped that Aaron wrote in the Arizona Republic right after his election in November of 2018.